Frequently asked questions

How does it work?

By fixing a mobile device (for example, an older phone you're no longer using) in/on your trailer. By using its camera and rotation sensor, a video feed and the hitch angle can be displayed on another phone/tablet (the vehicle HUD device).

What are the requirements?

A camera is obviously needed in the trailer device. For hitch angle visualization, both devices must have a gyroscope and they also need an internet connection. Android and iPhone (iOS) is supported (for fullscreen mode, iOS 13.4 or higher is required)

So I need a data plan for my trailer device?

No, just turn on internet sharing on your vehicle HUD device and tether your trailer device to that.

Is it accurate enough?

Most mobile devices from the last couple of years have a gyroscope and an accelerometer. These two sensors combined makes a fusion sensor that outputs absolute rotation for the device with very high accuracy.

Wait, my phone has a compass, why won't HitchAngle use that?

Mobile compasses aren’t very accurate and are also susceptible to electromagnetic disturbances. It is not unlikely though that HitchAngle will make use of compass data for calibration or alignment purposes.

How do the two devices talk with each other?

A direct communication channel is established between the vehicle and trailer device by a technology called WebRTC, which makes it possible to transmit video and data with low latency.

Why do I need to log in to use HitchAngle?

It enables the two devices to find each other automatically.

I'm getting a 'Poor connection' notice?

Depending on network conditions, it is sometimes not possible to establish a direct connection between your devices. Communication must then be relayed through a dedicated server, which with the free plan has very limited bandwidth. Contact us for a premium account with guaranteed high-bandwidth connection at all times.

More questions?

Send us a question and we will try to get back to you as quickly as possible.