Universal trailer assist

HitchAngle turns any pair of mobile devices into a backup camera and a beatiful HUD that shows you vehicle and trailer angles in real-time. Free application - available now!

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Heads-up display

Beautiful heads-up display (HUD) that shows how both the vehicle and trailer are turning and the resulting hitch angle

Backup camera

The trailer device sends a low latency video feed to your HUD device

Environmentally smart & inexpensive

Almost any old mobile device can be used as backup camera and HUD display

Universal app

HitchAngle is a web application that works on both Android and iOS devices


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How does it work?

By fixing a mobile device (for example, an older phone you're no longer using) in/on your trailer. Then..

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Is it accurate enough?

Most mobile devices from the last couple of years have a gyroscope and an accelerometer. These two..

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Do I need a data plan for my trailer device?

No, just turn on internet sharing on your phone and tether your trailer device to that.


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